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chaneltao asked:

hey just a heads up if you want the one ticket still you've got it i'll do $75 but i need to know soon bc the other offers i have are gonna find other places to get tickets so i gotta sell like right now if i'm gonna cover any costs u feel me

no problem i’ll make a paypal right now!


Anonymous asked:

Does Kyung have a lot of solos?


a couple! Cheesy Cheesy and WWWH are the only two i can think of off the top of my head, but i’m sure there were others on his mixtapes..

followers feel free to reblog and tell us other Kyung solos~

♥admin cat

Getting Over has to be my favorite -

But there’s also

Energizer -

Hot Track -

And his Ghetto By diss tracks

 There you go :)

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